Emma Bale

"I had very nice couple of days, a great experience, 

Dirk Daenen was my coach and we had the most awesome time"

Singer / Songwriter
Eric van der Stichelen
HR Director, D'Ieteren / Carglass

"Dirk is an open, communicative and straight forward person, with whom it is very nice to work"

Jamie Mason Cohen
Author and Speaker

Dirk helped shape my TEDx talk into something I am really proud of.​ My talk has been viewed over 2.2 million times worldwide.​ Dirk helped me accelerate my confidence moving forward as a professional keynote speaker with >30 media appearances just this last year (CNN / Forbes...)"

Anna Demuylder
Owner, Tapestry Art

"Never enjoyed feeling uncomfortable that much 😃"

Amelia Neacsu
NewsEditor Europe, EU Parliament

"Dirk has shown a thorough understanding of people. Thanks to his high professional standards, the communication projects he has managed, have reached their objectives both at media and public levels" 

David Goldsmith
President, Goldsmith Organisation

"When it comes to TEDx curators, Dirk is the James Bond, "The Man", when it comes to helping presenters deliver their best performance possible, listen to his wisdom and you'll be a lot better for doing so."


"A polished storyteller, Dirk embodies the TED spirit, and a calm MC at heart, no matter the obstacle, nothing seemed to phase him. His poise and warmth made it blatantly obvious that he’s been testing his narratives for years"

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"The whole day was presented by an amazing person which I respect and look up to, Dirk Daenen, one of the people behind TEDx Luxembourg"

"The welcoming host and co-organiser Dirk Daenen really captured the audience,"

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Event Management during a Pandemic: by Dirk Daenen

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"Having attended the event and witnessing the changes you made to make the event sustainable, I have to commend you on the success," - Leslie Maliepaard, Founder of The Planet Calls

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