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Public Speaking

            Learn to engage and entertain your audience with a clear, concise TED-style talk


Presentation Skills

            Understand all aspects of making an effective business presentation 


Body Language

            What is your counterpart ‘really’ saying? Learn to see what you don’t hear. 


Engaging Your audience

            Captivate your audience from start to finish with tools to engage them.


Debating skills

            Anticipate arguments and structure your own in a persuasive manner.


Principles of Persuasion 

            Speak and write with power, persuasion and poise 


Negotiation Skills

            Be confident in negotiation by learning how the best do it and adopt the strategy.


Conversation skills for the shy and / or introverted

            Experience the joy of fluent dialogue, learn when, how and what to say.


Effective Meeting participation

            Listen, understand and contribute in shorter and more effective meetings. 


Finding your voice

            Experience the power of a strong, calm and dynamic voice. 


Effective Writing skills

            Write clearly, concisely, understandably to the correct audience.


Report Writing

            Acquire best practice techniques from the most effective business reports and proposals.


Minutes and Note taking

            Understand how the least experienced can take effective and comprehensive notes.


Summarising & Referencing

            Understand what an author wanted you to read and summarise effectively. 


Curriculum Vitae & Cover Letters 

            Be noticed and have your CV and CL express the ‘best version’ of you. 



            Learn from the experienced what works and what doesn’t.

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